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Spaulding House is located in Springfield, IL. It is an environmentally conscience house that uses many unique ideas to create a very livable yet still green living space. This website includes information on Spaulding House and how it remains environmentally efficient. Use the tabs on top to navigate to the different sections of the website.

The details tab gives information about Spaulding House including the different green technologies it uses.

The environmental info tab gives information on how you can use green technology and solutions in your own home to save money similar to Spaulding House.

The blowerdoor tab gives information on a blowerdoor test recently conducted at Spauding House .

The network tab gives social networking information including Spaulding house's Facebook page.

Click Self Tour to view an Adobe Acrobat Tour Guide of Spaulding House which includes information about construction and other techniques used in building the house and more photos.

Click Directions to download an Adobe Acrobat Map with Directions to Spaulding House.

The contact us tab gives information on how to contact Spaulding House and includes an interactive map.


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Environmental Fact

The United States contains less than 5 percent of the world's population, but uses 25 percent of all the world's resources. Source

Environmental Fact

Replacing all lightbulbs in your house with compact fluorescent light bulbs can save you $6 a year per light bulb. Source