In November 2011, A blowerdoor test was conducted by Bob Croteau, who works for City, Water, Light and Power (CWLP) in Springfield, IL. A blowerdoor test is done to measure the annual air change rate (ACH). This measures the airtightness of a building. UIS students Lindsay Langer and Glen Minks were present to help conduct the blowerdoor test.


Before the blowerdoor test took place at Spauding House, Bob Croteau discussed the test with Glen Minks and Lindsay Langer. They looked at blueprints of the house. They performed calculations of the area of the house to determine acceptable ACH levels.

Setting Up

Bob Croteau set up the blowerdoor test. Here, he explains the functions of the blowerdoor test to Glen Minks and Lindsay Langer.

Blowerdoor test Setup

The Blowerdoor test was set up in the door way. In this image, Bob Croteau is using the manometer to determine the air tightness of Spaulding House. On the bottom of the blowerdoor test is a large fan. The large fan is used to blow air into and out of a house.

Air Leaks

Bob Croteau showed Glen Minks how to search for air leaks in Spaulding House while the blowerdoor test is being conducted. Bob ran his hands along the edge of the door frame to find places where air was leaking in. Any areas where he could feel strong air currents was a clue that there was a air hole nearby that needs to fixed.


The results of blowerdoor test were quite positive for the Spaulding House. It had an ACH rating of 0.12. A rating under 0.35 is considered to be satisfactory, so this shows the Spaulding has far fewer air leaks than the normal house. Infact, the Spauding House's air leaks were so minimal, the test estimated that they only cost $10.00 a year in air leakage costs.


CWLP has a program where they will conduct a blowerdoor test if they provide electricity to your home. After the test is performed, CWLP will make an audit report of any neccessary steps you need to take to make your home more energy effecient. If you do what the energy audit suggests within one year, you may qualify to a full refund of the price of the blowerdoor test. Go here for more details.




Environmental Fact

Proper insualtion can signifigantly decrease your power bill. Source

Environmental Fact

80 percent of the world's forests have been eliminated. Source